The future of drug design

RECEPTOR.AI provides an end-to-end small molecule drug discovery platform for precision and personalised medicine to achieve ultimate selectivity between highly similar protein targets.

Our mission

RECEPTOR.AI's mission is to create superior drugs, which are safe, efficient and successful in clinical trials by developing a next generation drug discovery platform based on the synergy of AI, computational chemistry and biology.

We aim to improve access to AI drug discovery via our AI platform which is integrated with wet labs to make the drug discovery process more efficient.

Our vision

We dream about a world where new drugs are developed so fast, that new diseases have no chances to spread.

We envision radical minimization of drug testing on animals and humans with improvement of their safety and efficiency by combining advanced AI with novel biomimetic technologies.

Core team
Experimental Biology Advisor
Mikhail Bogdanov
PhD, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
30+ years of experience in experimental studies of lipid membranes and membrane proteins. An author of the charge-balance rule of membrane proteins topogenesis. An expert in "lipid mutants", selective lipid labeling, design and assessment of the membrane-targeting compounds.
Computational Chemistry Advisor
Christophe Ramseyer
PhD, Professor of Physics
20+ years of experience in the surface physics, biophysics, quantum chemistry and computational drug design. An expert in simulating interactions of theragnostic nanoparticles with the cell membranes, quantum simulations of the drugs, bridging molecular simulations with bio-medicine and pharmacology.
Chief Executive Officer,
Alan Nafiiev
An experienced A.I leader, with previous start up experience in B2B environment, specialist in data science and cloud software design for life sciences. Alan has expertise in leading preclinical drug discovery projects and design the architecture of the modular AI drug discovery platform for difficult-to-drug targets.
CTO, Head of Medicinal Chemistry
Sergii Starosyla
PhD in Molecular Biology with 10+ years of experience in AI drug discovery and life science software development. Medicinal chemist, expert in development of machine learning models and algorithms for small molecule drug design. Author of the number of patented anticancer and antimicrobic biologically active compounds.
Chief Scientific Officer
Semen Yesylevskyy
Dr. Semen Yesylevskyy, PhD, Dr.Sci. in biophysics. 15+ years of experience in molecular modelling, computational drug discovery and scientific software development. Author of unique techniques and algorithms in simulations of curved and asymmetric lipid membranes and assessment of drug-membrane interactions.
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